JAT Bhawna

1 Mar 1996

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
ATH Athletics Women's 20km Race Walk  


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Olympic Games
32Women's 20km Walk2020Tokyo, JPN1:37:38
Asian Championships
5Women's 20km Walk2023Bangkok, THA1:38:26
World Race Walking Tour
9Women's 10km Walk2022Madrid, ESP45:20
Athlete, Railway Worker
Gurmukh Sihag [personal]; Tatiana Sibileva [personal]
She pulled out of the 20km event at the 2021 National Open Championships in Warangal, India, due to an illness that had also been affecting her training prior to the tournament. (sportstar.thehindu.com, 18 Sep 2021)

In 2017 she suffered from typhoid fever. (espn.in, 16 Feb 2020)
She took up race walking in 2010. (espn.in, 16 Feb 2020)
Her physical education teacher Hiralal Kumawat introduced her to athletics. During a district-level school meet, the participation slots of most of the races had been filled up and the only race she could take part in was the 3km race walk. She went on to win a silver medal with no preparation and walking barefoot. "That's how she became a race walker," Kumawat said. (olympics.com, 04 Aug 2021; espn.in, 16 Feb 2020)
Competing at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (sportstar.thehindu.com, 18 Sep 2021)
Her family. (sportstar.thehindu.com, 18 Sep 2021)
"An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head." (Instagram profile, 29 Aug 2021)
She received the Princess Diya Kumari Award for achievement in any field at the 2022 Sawai Jaipur Awards in India. (voiceofjaipur.com, 29 Oct 2022; Instagram profile, 22 Oct 2022)

General Interest

She combines her athletics career with her job as a ticket collector for Indian Railways in Howrah, India, and also takes care of one of her brothers who has an intellectual impairment. Ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games, she was given the chance to train with coach Gurmukh Sihag in Rohtak, which is on the other side of the country close to New Delhi. She was initially unsure whether she would be able to take advantage of the opportunity but one of her other brothers, who has also competed as an athlete, encouraged her to make the move. "I was very confused about what to do. I knew that I couldn't improve in [Howrah] because the weather makes it very hard to train and recover. At the same time, my eldest brother [who has an intellectual impairment] and I had already taken a loan to treat him. I knew that if I wanted to train with coach Sihag in Rohtak, I would have to spend money on accommodation, diet and kit. My other brother was working in Jaipur. He was also an athlete but had quit in order to help me focus on my career. This time he told me not to worry. There were many other people who told me it was the wrong decision [to train in Rohtak] and many people laughed at me. But I had to give myself the chance to qualify [for the 2020 Olympic Games]." (Facebook profile, 23 Feb 2023; olympics.com, 04 Aug 2021; espn.in, 16 Feb 2020; timesofindia.indiatimes.com, 15 Feb 2020)

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