4 May 1993

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
ATH Athletics Men's 100m 4


Start Time Location Event Status
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium

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Asian Games
6Men's 100m2018Indonesia10.19
8Men's 200m2014Incheon, KOR21.24
SemifinalMen's 200m2018Indonesia21.47
SemifinalMen's 100m2014Incheon, KOR10.34
Olympic Games
SemifinalMen's 100m2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA10.23
Round 1Men's 100m2020Tokyo, JPN10.19
World Championships
SemifinalMen's 100m2015Beijing, CHN10.20
HeatsMen's 100m2023Budapest, HUN10.17
HeatsMen's 100m2019Doha, QAT10.24
HeatsMen's 100m2017London, GBR10.34
HeatsMen's 100m2013Moscow, RUS10.57
Diamond League
12Men's 100m2018London, GBR10.15
World Challenge
1Men's 100m2016Madrid, ESP10.04
3Men's 100m2016Ostrava, CZE10.25
8Men's 100m2018Madrid, ESPDNS
10Men's 100m2016Hengelo, NED10.37
Asian Championships
1Men's 100m2017Bhubaneswar, IND10.25
3Men's 100m2023Bangkok, THA10.23
7Men's 100m2019Doha, QATDNS
8Men's 100m2013Pune, IND10.54
SemifinalMen's 200m2017Bhubaneswar, IND21.18
HeatsMen's 200m2019Doha, QATDNS
HeatsMen's 200m2013Pune, INDDNS
World Indoor Championships
5Men's 60m2018Birmingham, GBR6.53
Iranian Cheetah (varzesh3, 11 Apr 2021)
Athlete, Student
Sports Management - University of Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
English, Farsi, French
Persian Gulf Polymer [IRI] / Torbat-e Heydarieh [IRI]
Ahmad Ramezanzadeh, IRI; Guy Ontanon, FRA; Gregory Little, JAM
He missed the 2015 Asian Championships in Wuhan, People's Republic of China, because of a hamstring injury. (athleticsasia, 23 Jun 2015)
He took up athletics in 2005. (torbatiha, 16 Jun 2013)
Coach Ahmad Ramezanzadeh introduced him to the sport. (torbatiha, 16 Jun 2013)
To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (isna, 01 Aug 2021)
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. (mashreghnews, 23 Sep 2017)
"At the very start [of a race] you realise that your first mistake will be your last, because there is no room for error within hundredths of a second. For us runners seconds are extremely important. We work years for a few hundredths of a second. Those hundredths of a second make a big difference in our past and our future." (TEDx Talks YouTube channel, 04 Nov 2021)

Additional Information

He has said that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has given him a new outlook on sport. "It made us realise we are all united, we are all one. I asked myself, 'What are you doing for this unity?' And I decided to start running for everyone who is making an effort. From then on every race, every hundredth of a second, every step that I ran, it was not just me running, it was us running together. We live to be together. The pandemic at least had this positive effect on me that it made me realise that we should be more united. If there is one thing I am good at, it's running. So I run with all my might for all the people who have run, but have fallen short, who have not been appreciated, who have fallen along the way, who have not crossed the finish line. I cross that line for them." (TEDx Talks YouTube channel, 04 Nov 2021)

He realised he did not have his running spikes as he was getting ready to warm up at the 2021 International Athletic Imam Reza Cup in Mashhad, Islamic Republic of Iran. He managed to borrow some shoes from another athlete and went on to finish second in the 100m. "We found out that the shoes had fallen out of the X-ray machine at the entrance of the stadium, and I was told they had already been collected by someone else. I was completely confused and had to borrow shoes from an 800m runner, which were too big for me. I wanted to be a champion in Mashhad so I would have run barefoot if necessary, but I had a lot of stress before the race. As sprinters, 100% of our work depends on our shoes, and the large size of these shoes caused me to lose my balance both at the start and at the finish line. Maybe if it was anyone else in my place he could not run in these circumstances, but I managed to record a good time and finish second." (varzesh3, 11 Apr 2021)

In 2017 he spent three months training with French coach Guy Ontanon. In February 2018 he began working with Ontanon at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance [INSEP] in Paris, France. "I prefer to train in Iran but there are difficulties in terms of facilities. Being away from my family is annoying but I am forced to leave Iran. I want to continue working with coach Ontanon because I have had good results with him and he is a high-level coach. These results are not the limit of my achievements, and I can definitely be more successful with him." (tehrantimes, 06 Apr 2021, 14 Jan 2020; mehrnews, 25 Aug 2019; en, 05 Feb 2018; mashreghnews.ir, 23 Sep 2017)

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