XIAO Ruoteng

30 Jan 1996

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
GAR Artistic Gymnastics Men's Team 1 Gold Medal


Start Time Location Event Status
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium

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Asian Games
1Men's Team2018Indonesia260.950
2Men's Parallel Bars2018Indonesia14.900
3Men's Horizontal Bar2018Indonesia14.225
3Men's Individual All-Around2018Indonesia85.550
6Men's Floor Exercise2018Indonesia13.525
9Men's Rings2018Indonesia14.200
11Men's Pommel Horse2018Indonesia13.900
Olympic Games
2Men's Individual All-Around2020Tokyo, JPN88.065
3Men's Floor Exercise2020Tokyo, JPN14.766
3Men's Team2020Tokyo, JPN261.894
9Men's Parallel Bars2020Tokyo, JPN15.400
10Men's Horizontal Bar2020Tokyo, JPN14.266
16Men's Pommel Horse2020Tokyo, JPN14.300
21Men's Rings2020Tokyo, JPN14.200
World Championships
1Men's Pommel Horse2018Doha, QAT15.166
1Men's Team2018Doha, QAT256.634
1Men's Individual All-Around2017Montreal, QC, CAN86.933
2Men's Team2019Stuttgart, GER260.729
2Men's Individual All-Around2018Doha, QAT87.598
3Men's Floor Exercise2019Stuttgart, GER14.933
3Men's Pommel Horse2017Montreal, QC, CAN15.066
3Men's Team2015Glasgow, GBR269.959
4Men's Parallel Bars2019Stuttgart, GER14.966
4Men's Individual All-Around2019Stuttgart, GER86.690
7Men's Horizontal Bar2018Doha, QAT13.900
9Men's Parallel Bars2018Doha, QAT15.000
9Men's Parallel Bars2017Montreal, QC, CAN14.800
9Men's Individual All-Around2015Glasgow, GBR88.230
10Men's Pommel Horse2015Glasgow, GBR15.133
11Men's Floor Exercise2017Montreal, QC, CAN14.166
14Men's Floor Exercise2018Doha, QAT14.200
14Men's Horizontal Bar2017Montreal, QC, CAN13.766
16Men's Rings2018Doha, QAT14.133
20Men's Horizontal Bar2019Stuttgart, GER14.033
26Men's Horizontal Bar2015Glasgow, GBR14.466
28Men's Floor Exercise2015Glasgow, GBR14.600
34Men's Rings2019Stuttgart, GER13.833
36Men's Pommel Horse2019Stuttgart, GER13.400
36Men's Rings2017Montreal, QC, CAN13.933
37Men's Parallel Bars2015Glasgow, GBR15.033
54Men's Rings2015Glasgow, GBR14.300
World Cup
1Men's Horizontal Bar2017/2018Doha, QAT14.533
1Men's Horizontal Bar2015Sao Paulo, BRA15.125
1Men's Pommel Horse2015Sao Paulo, BRA15.075
2Men's Parallel Bars2017/2018Doha, QAT15.233
2Men's Pommel Horse2017/2018Doha, QAT14.800
6Men's Horizontal Bar2017/2018Doha, QAT13.466
7Men's Floor Exercise2019/2020Doha, QAT13.166
11Men's Pommel Horse2017/2018Doha, QAT13.633
21Men's Horizontal Bar2023Doha, QAT12.166
22Men's Floor Exercise2023Doha, QAT12.766
Asian Championships
1Men's Pommel Horse2017Bangkok, THA15.125
1Men's Individual All-Around2017Bangkok, THA87.800
1Men's Team2017Bangkok, THA264.750
2Men's Floor Exercise2017Bangkok, THA14.650
2Men's Horizontal Bar2017Bangkok, THA14.500
2Men's Pommel Horse2015Hiroshima, JPN15.575
2Men's Team2015Hiroshima, JPN349.400
6Men's Individual All-Around2015Hiroshima, JPN84.650
9Men's Rings2017Bangkok, THA14.000
9Men's Floor Exercise2015Hiroshima, JPN15.350
10Men's Parallel Bars2017Bangkok, THA14.900
16Men's Vault2015Hiroshima, JPN15.050
35Men's Parallel Bars2015Hiroshima, JPN14.250
38Men's Rings2015Hiroshima, JPN13.200
42Men's Horizontal Bar2015Hiroshima, JPN12.100
Football. (fig-gymnastics, 18 Oct 2018)
Physical Education - Beijing Sport University, People's Republic of China
English, Mandarin
Beijing [People's Republic of China]
He underwent surgery to treat a right ankle injury in late 2021. That year he was also affected by shoulder and wrist injuries. (workercn, 27 Dec 2021)

He injured his elbow during training in 2016 and was unable to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. He returned to competition in early 2017. (sports, 04 Oct 2017; sports, 17 Jul 2016)
He took up the sport at age five. (sports, 17 Jul 2016)
He demonstrated a special talent for gymnastics as a child. (sports, 07 Dec 2017)
To compete at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China, and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (new, 01 Feb 2023; app, 30 Dec 2022)
Winning gold in individual all-around at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, QC, Canada. (Weibo profile, 01 Jul 2021)
"I feel like I'm so cool when I am performing my best. I am a total narcissist. It makes me feel very good when I encounter some unknown difficulties and try to overcome them. Such a feeling is the best part about being a gymnast." (fig-gymnastics, 18 Oct 2018)
In 2020 he received the Beijing May 4th Youth Medal in the People's Republic of China. (ppsport, 04 May 2020)

In 2018 he was named one of the Top 10 Athletes of the Year in the People's Republic of China by Xinhua News Agency. (sports, 26 Dec 2018)

In 2016 he was named an Elite Athlete of International Class by the General Administration of Sport of China, having previously been named an Elite Athlete of National Class by the General Administration of Sport of China in 2012. (sport, 19 Jul 2018, 01 Feb 2012)
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