LEE Chih-Kai

3 Apr 1996

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
GAR Artistic Gymnastics Men's All-Around  
Men's Team 3 Bronze Medal


Start Time Location Event Status
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium

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Asian Games
1Men's Pommel Horse2018Indonesia15.400
4Men's Floor Exercise2018Indonesia13.950
4Men's Team2018Indonesia240.300
5Men's Individual All-Around2018Indonesia81.900
5Men's Vault2014Incheon, KOR14.499
6Men's Parallel Bars2018Indonesia14.025
6Men's Individual All-Around2014Incheon, KOR82.875
6Men's Team2014Incheon, KOR329.800
8Men's Floor Exercise2014Incheon, KOR13.466
9Men's Pommel Horse2014Incheon, KOR14.550
13Men's Vault2018Indonesia13.300
26Men's Rings2018Indonesia13.350
26Men's Parallel Bars2014Incheon, KOR14.100
27Men's Horizontal Bar2014Incheon, KOR12.850
34Men's Rings2014Incheon, KOR13.500
48Men's Horizontal Bar2018Indonesia11.300
Olympic Games
2Men's Pommel Horse2020Tokyo, JPN15.400
10Men's Team2020Tokyo, JPN246.263
21Men's Floor Exercise2020Tokyo, JPN14.200
21Men's Individual All-Around2020Tokyo, JPN80.699
31Men's Pommel Horse2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA14.266
39Men's Parallel Bars2020Tokyo, JPN14.233
46Men's Horizontal Bar2020Tokyo, JPN13.100
57Men's Rings2020Tokyo, JPN13.033
World Championships
2Men's Pommel Horse2019Stuttgart, GER15.433
3Men's Pommel Horse2018Doha, QAT14.966
6Men's Team2019Stuttgart, GER248.243
12Men's Individual All-Around2019Stuttgart, GER83.798
14Men's Floor Exercise2019Stuttgart, GER14.333
17Men's Team2018Doha, QAT238.195
22Men's Pommel Horse2015Glasgow, GBR14.566
23Men's Team2015Glasgow, GBR328.026
24Men's Team2014Nanning, CHN327.810
28Men's Floor Exercise2015Glasgow, GBR14.600
33Men's Floor Exercise2018Doha, QAT13.933
42Men's Individual All-Around2015Glasgow, GBR84.331
45Men's Individual All-Around2014Nanning, CHN83.965
46Men's Parallel Bars2019Stuttgart, GER13.966
52Men's Parallel Bars2015Glasgow, GBR14.733
53Men's Pommel Horse2014Nanning, CHN14.166
55Men's Rings2019Stuttgart, GER13.500
66Men's Horizontal Bar2019Stuttgart, GER13.233
88Men's Horizontal Bar2018Doha, QAT12.600
88Men's Individual All-Around2018Doha, QAT73.099
88Men's Floor Exercise2014Nanning, CHN14.366
115Men's Parallel Bars2014Nanning, CHN13.800
122Men's Horizontal Bar2014Nanning, CHN13.100
130Men's Rings2014Nanning, CHN13.700
138Men's Parallel Bars2018Doha, QAT12.600
155Men's Horizontal Bar2015Glasgow, GBR12.933
175Men's Rings2015Glasgow, GBR12.933
193Men's Rings2018Doha, QAT5.900
World Cup
1Men's Pommel Horse2023Cairo, EGY15.033
1Men's Pommel Horse2019/2020Doha, QAT15.400
1Men's Pommel Horse2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS15.266
1Men's Pommel Horse2019/2020Cottbus, GER15.508
2Men's Vault2017/2018Melbourne, VIC, AUS14.450
2Men's Pommel Horse2017/2018Doha, QAT14.800
2Men's Pommel Horse2017/2018Baku, AZE14.766
2Men's Pommel Horse2017/2018Melbourne, VIC, AUS14.833
4Men's Parallel Bars2017/2018Melbourne, VIC, AUS13.800
5Men's Floor Exercise2017/2018Doha, QAT13.766
5Men's Vault2016Anadia, POR14.725
6Men's Vault2017/2018Doha, QAT14.166
7Men's Pommel Horse2023Cottbus, GER14.300
8Men's Individual All-Around2020/2021Milwaukee, WI, USA80.606
8Men's Parallel Bars2017/2018Baku, AZE11.866
9Men's Pommel Horse2023Baku, AZE14.033
10Men's Parallel Bars2023Doha, QAT13.800
11Men's Pommel Horse2017/2018Doha, QAT12.366
12Men's Floor Exercise2017/2018Melbourne, VIC, AUS12.600
14Men's Rings2017/2018Doha, QAT12.733
17Men's Pommel Horse2023Doha, QAT13.666
18Men's Parallel Bars2023Cairo, EGY12.700
20Men's Pommel Horse2016Anadia, POR13.450
21Men's Floor Exercise2016Anadia, POR13.100
22Men's Floor Exercise2017/2018Baku, AZE12.666
25Men's Parallel Bars2023Cottbus, GER12.666
26Men's Horizontal Bar2017/2018Doha, QAT11.300
26Men's Parallel Bars2017/2018Doha, QAT10.533
27Men's Parallel Bars2023Baku, AZE12.200
28Men's Parallel Bars2019/2020Baku, AZE10.866
30Men's Pommel Horse2019/2020Baku, AZE11.533
Asian Championships
1Men's Individual All-Around2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL83.666
3Men's Team2022Doha, QAT249.211
3Men's Team2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL246.097
4Men's Horizontal Bar2023Singapore, SIN13.333
4Men's Pommel Horse2022Doha, QAT14.233
4Men's Team2017Bangkok, THA240.650
5Men's Floor Exercise2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL14.267
6Men's Team2023Singapore, SIN238.226
6Men's Pommel Horse2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL14.000
6Men's Team2015Hiroshima, JPN315.700
7Men's Individual All-Around2017Bangkok, THA79.750
8Men's Individual All-Around2022Doha, QAT82.000
9Men's Floor Exercise2022Doha, QAT13.967
10Men's Pommel Horse2017Bangkok, THA14.350
12Men's Horizontal Bar2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL13.133
12Men's Individual All-Around2015Hiroshima, JPN80.900
13Men's Horizontal Bar2017Bangkok, THA13.300
13Men's Rings2015Hiroshima, JPN13.700
14Men's Parallel Bars2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL13.633
15Men's Floor Exercise2023Singapore, SIN13.433
15Men's Pommel Horse2015Hiroshima, JPN13.450
16Men's Individual All-Around2023Singapore, SIN78.265
17Men's Parallel Bars2022Doha, QAT13.633
18Men's Parallel Bars2015Hiroshima, JPN13.000
20Men's Floor Exercise2015Hiroshima, JPN13.900
21Men's Vault2022Doha, QAT14.533
21Men's Rings2017Bangkok, THA12.950
22Men's Horizontal Bar2022Doha, QAT12.600
23Men's Rings2023Singapore, SIN12.833
25Men's Floor Exercise2017Bangkok, THA13.200
25Men's Vault2015Hiroshima, JPN14.600
26Men's Rings2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL12.967
28Men's Pommel Horse2023Singapore, SIN12.166
30Men's Parallel Bars2023Singapore, SIN12.800
31Men's Rings2022Doha, QAT12.167
34Men's Parallel Bars2017Bangkok, THA12.100
41Men's Horizontal Bar2015Hiroshima, JPN12.250
Market Kai [the name of a character he played in a movie about gymnastics]. (nownews, 07 Aug 2016)
Playing baseball. (500times, 08 Oct 2021)
Athlete, Business Owner, Student
Taiwan Sport University, Chinese Taipei
Wife Wu Ya Yun, son Kyson [2022]
Taoyuan [Chinese Taipei]
Lin Yu-Hsin, TPE
He strained his left biceps muscle in March 2018 and needed three months to recover from the injury. (businesstoday, 24 Aug 2018)

He broke his foot and tore ankle ligaments a month prior to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. As a result he only competed on pommel horse at the Games. (intlgymnast, 23 Feb 2018)
He took up the sport at primary school in Yilan, Chinese Taipei. (news, 27 Apr 2012)
At age six he started performing basic gymnastics moves to help attract customers to his family's vegetable stall in the local market. "I did some basic moves - handstands, rollovers, and I had the experience of getting used to performing in public." (gymnastics, 12 Mar 2019; forums, 2005)
To compete at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China, and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (cna, 20 Jan 2023; udn, 04 Mar 2022)
Japanese artistic gymnast Kohei Uchimura. (500times, 08 Oct 2021)
Coach Lin Yu-Hsin. (parenting, 29 Apr 2022)
"If you decide to do it, give your best. If you work hard and try hard, you will have a 50% chance to succeed. Otherwise, the chance is zero." (500times, 08 Oct 2021)
He was named the 2022 Outstanding Athlete by the city government of Taoyuan in Chinese Taipei. (tw, 04 Sep 2022)

He received the 2019 Guo-Guang Sports Medal of Chinese Taipei. (rti, 29 Nov 2019)

He was named Best Male Athlete at the 2018 Sport Elite Awards Ceremony in Chinese Taipei. (udn, 12 Dec 2018)

In January 2018 he ran a leg of the Olympic torch relay ahead of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. (phuketnews, 01 Jan 2018)
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