TING Hua-Tien

11 Oct 2002

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
GAR Artistic Gymnastics Women's All-Around 5
Women's Team 4


Start Time Location Event Status
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium

Biographical Information


Olympic Games
50Women's Beam2020Tokyo, JPN12.566
63Women's Uneven Bars2020Tokyo, JPN12.233
World Championships
10Women's Beam2018Doha, QAT13.466
13Women's Beam2022Liverpool, GBR13.000
16Women's Beam2021Kitakyushu, JPN12.933
21Women's Team2022Liverpool, GBR144.562
30Women's Individual All-Around2021Kitakyushu, JPN48.166
33Women's Team2018Doha, QAT140.962
41Women's Uneven Bars2021Kitakyushu, JPN11.900
50Women's Individual All-Around2022Liverpool, GBR48.866
66Women's Individual All-Around2018Doha, QAT48.865
71Women's Floor Exercise2021Kitakyushu, JPN11.000
76Women's Floor Exercise2022Liverpool, GBR12.266
86Women's Uneven Bars2019Stuttgart, GER12.433
88Women's Individual All-Around2019Stuttgart, GER48.398
97Women's Uneven Bars2018Doha, QAT11.833
98Women's Beam2019Stuttgart, GER11.466
102Women's Uneven Bars2022Liverpool, GBR11.300
122Women's Floor Exercise2019Stuttgart, GER11.866
177Women's Floor Exercise2018Doha, QAT10.833
World Cup
4Women's Beam2023Cottbus, GER13.100
6Women's Beam2019/2020Doha, QAT12.400
7Women's Beam2023Baku, AZE11.433
7Women's Uneven Bars2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS12.300
8Women's Floor Exercise2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS10.566
9Women's Beam2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS11.600
9Women's Uneven Bars2019/2020Baku, AZE12.166
11Women's Vault2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS12.833
13Women's Beam2019/2020Baku, AZE11.666
16Women's Uneven Bars2023Doha, QAT10.366
16Women's Vault2019/2020Baku, AZE12.833
18Women's Beam2023Doha, QAT12.166
22Women's Floor Exercise2019/2020Baku, AZE11.633
25Women's Uneven Bars2019/2020Doha, QAT10.166
25Women's Vault2019/2020Doha, QAT12.733
Asian Championships
1Women's Beam2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL13.233
3Women's Team2023Singapore, SIN147.397
4Women's Team2022Doha, QAT148.733
4Women's Team2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL149.400
6Women's Uneven Bars2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL10.700
7Women's Uneven Bars2023Singapore, SIN10.866
7Women's Floor Exercise2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL12.533
7Women's Individual All-Around2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL50.200
8Women's Uneven Bars2022Doha, QAT9.767
12Women's Vault2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL12.525
15Women's Floor Exercise2022Doha, QAT12.467
18Women's Floor Exercise2023Singapore, SIN12.400
18Women's Beam2022Doha, QAT11.800
19Women's Beam2023Singapore, SIN11.900
25Women's Individual All-Around2022Doha, QAT48.967
33Women's Vault2022Doha, QAT11.767
Tien Tien (udn, 18 Aug 2020)
Drawing, writing, handicrafts, anime. (Instagram profile, 14 Mar 2022; vamossports, 09 Apr 2020)
Athlete, Student
Physical Education - Fu Jen Catholic University, New Taipei, TPE
English, Mandarin
Fu Jen Catholic University [New Taipei, TPE]
Tsai Heng-Cheng [club]
She sprained her left ankle in March 2022 and was sidelined for two weeks. (chinatimes, 14 Sep 2022; udn, 27 Apr 2022)

She competed with a lower back injury at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (tw, 25 Jul 2021)

She injured her left foot in 2020. (udn, 18 Aug 2020)
She first tried the sport at age four. (chinatimes, 14 Sep 2022)
Her parents registered her in a summer camp where she practised gymnastics. (tw, 28 Dec 2019)
To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (chinatimes, 25 Jul 2021)
Competing at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (chinatimes, 14 Sep 2022)
Chinese Taipei artistic gymnast Lee Chih-Kai, US artistic gymnast Simone Biles. (tw, 13 Feb 2020; chinatimes, 04 Jul 2019)
Coach Tsai Heng-Cheng. (chinatimes, 14 Sep 2022)
"I like gymnastics because I can do things that ordinary people can't do." (chinatimes, 14 Sep 2022)
In 2022 she was named Outstanding Athlete by the city government of New Taipei in Chinese Taipei. (sports, 06 Sep 2022; tw, 04 Sep 2022)

She received the 2019 Guo-Guang Sports Medal of Chinese Taipei. (sports, 30 Nov 2019)
Gold Medal Event
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