19 Jun 1975

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
GAR Artistic Gymnastics Women's Vault 4
Women's Balance Beam  


Start Time Location Event Status
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium

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Asian Games
1Women's Floor Exercise2002Busan, KOR9.350
1Women's Vault2002Busan, KOR9.450
2Women's Vault2018Indonesia14.287
2Women's Vault2014Incheon, KOR14.750
2Women's Beam2002Busan, KOR8.975
2Women's Individual All-Around2002Busan, KOR36.400
3Women's Uneven Bars1994Hiroshima, JPN9.625
3Women's Vault1994Hiroshima, JPN9.631
4Women's Uneven Bars2002Busan, KOR9.300
5Women's Team2014Incheon, KOR199.800
5Women's Team2002Busan, KOR133.350
22Women's Beam2018Indonesia11.800
50Women's Floor Exercise2014Incheon, KOR0.000
50Women's Uneven Bars2014Incheon, KOR0.000
Olympic Games
1Women's Team1992Barcelona, ESP395.666
2Women's Vault2008Beijing, CHN15.575
5Women's Vault2012London, GBR14.783
7Women's Vault2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA14.833
7Women's Floor Exercise1992Barcelona, ESP9.812
9Women's Team2012London, GBR167.331
9Women's Individual All-Around2008Beijing, CHN60.125
10Women's Individual All-Around1996Atlanta, GA, USA38.743
11Women's Beam1992Barcelona, ESP19.675
12Women's Team2008Beijing, CHN230.800
14Women's Vault2020Tokyo, JPN14.166
14Women's Vault1992Barcelona, ESP19.750
20Women's Vault1996Atlanta, GA, USA19.274
23Women's Vault2004Athens, GRE8.800
24Women's Vault2000Sydney, NSW, AUS9.375
25Women's Floor Exercise2000Sydney, NSW, AUS9.475
26Women's Uneven Bars2008Beijing, CHN14.725
29Women's Uneven Bars1996Atlanta, GA, USA19.237
30Women's Floor Exercise2008Beijing, CHN14.450
31Women's Beam2012London, GBR13.700
34Women's Floor Exercise1996Atlanta, GA, USA19.174
43Women's Beam2008Beijing, CHN14.400
45Women's Individual All-Around2000Sydney, NSW, AUS36.450
47Women's Individual All-Around1992Barcelona, ESP78.111
50Women's Beam2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA13.300
59Women's Beam2000Sydney, NSW, AUS9.150
61Women's Beam1996Atlanta, GA, USA18.137
77Women's Uneven Bars1992Barcelona, ESP18.849
79Women's Uneven Bars2000Sydney, NSW, AUS8.450
97Women's Individual All-Around2004Athens, GRE8.675
World Championships
1Women's Vault2003Anaheim, CA, USA9.481
1Women's Floor Exercise1991Indianapolis, IN, USA
1Women's Team1991Indianapolis, IN, USA
2Women's Vault2011Tokyo, JPN14.733
2Women's Vault2005Melbourne, VIC, AUS9.418
2Women's Vault2001Ghent, BEL9.349
2Women's Vault1991Indianapolis, IN, USA
3Women's Vault2006Arhus, DEN15.100
3Women's Vault2002Debrecen, HUN9.387
3Women's Vault1993Birmingham, GBR
3Women's Vault1992Paris, FRA
4Women's Vault2018Doha, QAT14.300
5Women's Vault2017Montreal, QC, CAN14.366
5Women's Vault2013Antwerp, BEL14.583
6Women's Team2011Tokyo, JPN168.479
6Women's Vault2007Stuttgart, GER14.687
6Women's Floor Exercise2002Debrecen, HUN9.137
6Women's Vault1995Sabae, JPN9.612
8Women's Beam2002Debrecen, HUN8.312
9Women's Individual All-Around2006Arhus, DEN58.950
10Women's Team2007Stuttgart, GER231.125
12Women's Vault2019Stuttgart, GER14.083
12Women's Beam2005Melbourne, VIC, AUS8.962
12Women's Beam2001Ghent, BEL8.900
13Women's Vault2015Glasgow, GBR14.683
14Women's Team2010Rotterdam, NED212.294
15Women's Team2006Arhus, DEN222.125
16Women's Team1995Sabae, JPN360.515
17Women's Beam1995Sabae, JPN9.506
19Women's Uneven Bars2006Arhus, DEN14.800
19Women's Floor Exercise2001Ghent, BEL9.037
19Women's Individual All-Around2001Ghent, BEL35.023
19Women's Individual All-Around1995Sabae, JPN38.180
22Women's Uneven Bars2005Melbourne, VIC, AUS8.987
24Women's Floor Exercise1995Sabae, JPN9.650
25Women's Floor Exercise2006Arhus, DEN14.400
27Women's Uneven Bars2003Anaheim, CA, USA9.137
28Women's Beam2006Arhus, DEN14.850
28Women's Individual All-Around2003Anaheim, CA, USA36.136
30Women's Floor Exercise2003Anaheim, CA, USA9.025
30Women's Uneven Bars2002Debrecen, HUN8.200
30Women's Uneven Bars1995Sabae, JPN9.556
41Women's Beam2011Tokyo, JPN13.800
42Women's Beam2010Rotterdam, NED13.566
47Women's Beam2015Glasgow, GBR13.466
51Women's Individual All-Around2015Glasgow, GBR52.998
56Women's Individual All-Around2005Melbourne, VIC, AUS27.311
59Women's Beam2007Stuttgart, GER14.275
63Women's Beam2018Doha, QAT12.266
65Women's Uneven Bars2001Ghent, BEL8.162
70Women's Beam2003Anaheim, CA, USA8.537
87Women's Individual All-Around2019Stuttgart, GER48.433
88Women's Uneven Bars2007Stuttgart, GER13.550
118Women's Floor Exercise2015Glasgow, GBR12.733
120Women's Uneven Bars2015Glasgow, GBR12.033
122Women's Beam2019Stuttgart, GER11.100
145Women's Uneven Bars2019Stuttgart, GER11.200
145Women's Individual All-Around2007Stuttgart, GER43.525
166Women's Floor Exercise2019Stuttgart, GER11.300
184Women's Individual All-Around2010Rotterdam, NED26.766
189Women's Floor Exercise2007Stuttgart, GER0.000
190Women's Individual All-Around2011Tokyo, JPN28.966
World Cup
1Women's Vault2022Baku, AZE13.266
1Women's Vault2022Doha, QAT13.433
1Women's Vault2019/2020Doha, QAT14.066
1Women's Vault2017/2018Doha, QAT14.433
1Women's Vault2017/2018Baku, AZE14.300
1Women's Vault2017/2018Cottbus, GER14.283
1Women's Vault2017/2018Doha, QAT14.166
1Women's Vault2017/2018Baku, AZE14.333
1Women's Vault2016Mersin, TUR15.325
1Women's Vault2016Cottbus, GER14.700
1Women's Vault2016Baku, AZE14.825
1Women's Vault2015Varna, BUL14.650
1Women's Vault2015Ljubljana, SLO14.600
1Women's Vault2015Cottbus, GER14.875
2Women's Vault2023Baku, AZE13.433
2Women's Vault2022Cairo, EGY12.950
2Women's Vault2019/2020Baku, AZE14.450
2Women's Vault2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS14.200
2Women's Beam2016Mersin, TUR13.500
3Women's Vault2023Doha, QAT12.916
3Women's Vault2023Cottbus, GER13.016
3Women's Beam2017/2018Baku, AZE12.866
4Women's Beam2016Cottbus, GER13.366
4Women's Uneven Bars2016Mersin, TUR11.600
4Women's Beam2015Varna, BUL13.633
5Women's Vault2019/2020Doha, QAT13.866
5Women's Vault2019/2020Cottbus, GER14.279
6Women's Uneven Bars2016Cottbus, GER12.766
8Women's Vault2023Cairo, EGY12.000
8Women's Beam2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS10.533
8Women's Floor Exercise2017/2018Doha, QAT12.266
8Women's Beam2016Baku, AZE11.800
8Women's Uneven Bars2015Varna, BUL5.567
9Women's Floor Exercise2016Baku, AZE12.500
9Women's Beam2015Ljubljana, SLO12.750
11Women's Beam2015Cottbus, GER12.933
12Women's Beam2017/2018Doha, QAT12.466
12Women's Beam2017/2018Baku, AZE11.200
15Women's Beam2017/2018Doha, QAT11.766
20Women's Uneven Bars2023Doha, QAT9.866
22Women's Floor Exercise2023Cairo, EGY11.300
22Women's Uneven Bars2023Cairo, EGY11.333
25Women's Beam2023Baku, AZE11.333
Asian Championships
2Women's Vault2023Singapore, SIN13.517
5Women's Vault2022Doha, QAT12.600
7Women's Team2023Singapore, SIN143.130
16Women's Individual All-Around2023Singapore, SIN46.699
24Women's Uneven Bars2023Singapore, SIN11.366
26Women's Floor Exercise2023Singapore, SIN11.900
32Women's Beam2023Singapore, SIN10.900
43Women's Individual All-Around2022Doha, QAT13.100

Animals, riding horses. (themag, 20 Apr 2023)


Coaching - Uzbek State University of Physical Education and Sport, Chirchiq, UZB


Husband Bakhodir Kurbanov, son Alisher [1999]


English, German, Russian


Andrey Markelov [personal], UZB


Her husband Bakhodir Kurbanov represented Uzbekistan in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. (tokyo2020, 21 Feb 2021)


She was suffering from a foot and ankle injury at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, Republic of Korea, and decided not to take part in the all-around competition. (ndtv, 25 Sep 2014; insidethegames, 24 Sep 2014)

She had an operation on her shoulder in 2008 and required back surgery in January 2009. (gymmedia, 17 Jan 2009)

She tore her Achilles tendon at the 2008 Swiss Cup in Zurich, Switzerland. (intlgymnast, 02 Nov 2008)

She sustained a leg injury ahead of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, which meant she was only able to compete on vault. (Gymnastica, 27 Oct 2005)


She took up gymnastics at age seven in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. (Athlete, 22 Sep 2019; Asiad Daily, 26 Sep 2014)


She followed her older brother into the sport. "My mother did not want me to do gymnastics, she was worried about me all the time. I wanted to prove to her that I was not doing it in vain, and I think that eventually I succeeded in that." (gazeta, 11 Jun 2020; Athlete, 22 Sep 2019)


To win a medal at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China, and to compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (themag, 20 Apr 2023; Athlete, 04 Jan 2023)


She trains for three hours a day. (sports, 18 Aug 2023)


"I never look back. Everything that has been has passed. I only live in the present. I like to look only forward." (argumenti, 17 Jun 2020)


In recognition of her performance at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, she received the title of Honoured Sports Teacher from the president of Uzbekistan. (president, 13 Aug 2021)

In 2020 she was named the Best Athlete of the Decade in Uzbekistan after a public vote held by the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan. (olympic, 24 Aug 2020)

She was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in May 2017. (intlgymnast, 21 May 2017)

She has received the titles of Honoured Athlete and Honoured Coach in Uzbekistan. (, 19 Jun 2022)

Additional Information

Having initially announced her retirement after the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, she later reversed her decision and said she had set her sights on the 19th asian games in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China, and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. "I just can't finish my career without a medal for Uzbekistan. I thought about it well and decided that after the Asian Games I will also prepare for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The biggest motivation is my desire. I want to perform, I like it. I love gymnastics, and this occupation brings me great pleasure. I'm just doing what I love, why should I stop?" (sport-express, 24 May 2022; olympic, 08 May 2022; olympics, 30 Sep 2021; sports, 01 Oct 2021; gazeta, 13 Aug 2021; gymnovosti, 26 Jul 2021)

Born in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, she made her international debut for the Soviet Union. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, she represented the Unified Team at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and later began competing for Uzbekistan. In 2002 her son Alisher was diagnosed with leukaemia, so her family moved to Germany, where he could receive treatment. She obtained German citizenship in 2006, winning a silver medal for her adopted nation at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. She returned to compete for Uzbekistan in 2013, having been given special dispensation by the executive committee of the International Gymnastics Federation [FIG]. (heraldscotland, 16 Oct 2015; uznews, 06 Mar 2013)

In March 2022 the president of Uzbekistan signed a decree on the opening of the Oksana Chusovitina Gymnastics Academy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. "It was my old dream. Perhaps, already in adulthood, I did not want anything as much as this academy. I waited for it for many years, like a child for a New Year's gift. Until now, there was not a single academy, no centralised school in Uzbekistan. Only now we are starting to buy equipment, to develop the sport, including in the regions. If we have strong gymnasts and someone beats me, I will only rejoice." (sports, 18 Aug 2023)

In October 2017 she was elected as the women's artistic gymnastics representative for the International Gymnastics Federation [FIG] Athletes' Commission. (gymnovosti, 06 Oct 2017)

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