13 Dec 1997

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
GAR Artistic Gymnastics Women's All-Around 10
Women's Team 6


Start Time Location Event Status
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium

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Asian Games
6Women's Team2014Incheon, KOR193.100
11Women's Team2018Indonesia135.950
11Women's Individual All-Around2014Incheon, KOR49.025
12Women's Beam2014Incheon, KOR13.000
20Women's Individual All-Around2018Indonesia46.950
23Women's Floor Exercise2018Indonesia11.550
23Women's Floor Exercise2014Incheon, KOR12.600
24Women's Beam2018Indonesia11.800
25Women's Uneven Bars2018Indonesia11.300
35Women's Uneven Bars2014Incheon, KOR9.900
World Championships
69Women's Floor Exercise2022Liverpool, GBR12.333
77Women's Individual All-Around2022Liverpool, GBR46.765
82Women's Beam2018Doha, QAT11.933
97Women's Beam2022Liverpool, GBR11.066
97Women's Uneven Bars2022Liverpool, GBR11.600
111Women's Individual All-Around2018Doha, QAT45.032
140Women's Floor Exercise2018Doha, QAT11.633
176Women's Uneven Bars2018Doha, QAT9.300
181Women's Individual All-Around2015Glasgow, GBR41.466
205Women's Floor Exercise2015Glasgow, GBR11.600
227Women's Beam2015Glasgow, GBR9.333
227Women's Uneven Bars2015Glasgow, GBR7.600
World Cup
4Women's Floor Exercise2023Cairo, EGY12.533
6Women's Floor Exercise2022Doha, QAT11.700
7Women's Floor Exercise2022Cairo, EGY11.566
7Women's Floor Exercise2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS11.000
9Women's Beam2023Baku, AZE12.700
9Women's Beam2022Doha, QAT11.100
9Women's Beam2015Varna, BUL12.900
10Women's Beam2023Cairo, EGY12.066
10Women's Beam2023Doha, QAT12.700
10Women's Beam2022Cairo, EGY11.566
11Women's Floor Exercise2022Baku, AZE12.333
11Women's Beam2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS11.166
11Women's Beam2015Doha, QAT12.900
13Women's Uneven Bars2023Doha, QAT11.100
14Women's Beam2022Baku, AZE12.166
15Women's Floor Exercise2023Baku, AZE12.100
15Women's Floor Exercise2023Doha, QAT11.500
19Women's Floor Exercise2019/2020Baku, AZE11.933
20Women's Uneven Bars2015Varna, BUL10.333
21Women's Floor Exercise2015Doha, QAT11.300
21Women's Uneven Bars2015Doha, QAT6.500
23Women's Beam2019/2020Baku, AZE9.766
24Women's Uneven Bars2023Baku, AZE11.200
26Women's Uneven Bars2023Cairo, EGY11.033
Asian Championships
4Women's Team2023Singapore, SIN145.230
5Women's Team2022Doha, QAT140.933
5Women's Team2015Hiroshima, JPN195.700
8Women's Beam2022Doha, QAT11.833
9Women's Individual All-Around2022Doha, QAT48.834
10Women's Individual All-Around2023Singapore, SIN49.099
13Women's Beam2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL11.750
13Women's Beam2015Hiroshima, JPN12.550
13Women's Individual All-Around2015Hiroshima, JPN48.950
14Women's Floor Exercise2023Singapore, SIN12.700
14Women's Floor Exercise2022Doha, QAT12.467
16Women's Beam2023Singapore, SIN11.966
19Women's Uneven Bars2023Singapore, SIN11.700
19Women's Individual All-Around2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL42.350
22Women's Uneven Bars2022Doha, QAT11.233
25Women's Vault2022Doha, QAT12.567
27Women's Vault2015Hiroshima, JPN12.900
31Women's Uneven Bars2015Hiroshima, JPN11.450
36Women's Uneven Bars2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL7.950
36Women's Floor Exercise2015Hiroshima, JPN12.050
38Women's Floor Exercise2019Ulaanbaatar, MGL10.650
Coaching - Eurasian National University, Astana, KAZ
Kazakh, Russian
Astana Specialised Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No.1 [Kazakhstan]
Olga Goncharuk [club], KAZ
2013 for Kazakhstan, World Cup in Portugal (Athlete, 01 Mar 2018)
In November 2022 she underwent meniscus [knee] surgery. She was able to compete again in March 2023. (Instagram profile, 01 Mar 2023)

An elbow injury meant she was unable to compete at international events in 2016 and 2017. She returned to competition at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia. (gymnovosti, 23 Feb 2019)
She took up the sport at age four in Astana, Kazakhstan. (el, 13 May 2022; Athlete, 01 Mar 2018)
"My mother enrolled me in the sport. First of all, because I was too active as a child." (el, 13 May 2022; Athlete, 01 Mar 2018)
To compete at the Olympic Games. (Athlete, 10 Nov 2022)
Winning gold in the floor exercise at the 2022 Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey. (Athlete, 10 Nov 2022; olympic, 19 Aug 2022)
Kazakhstani boxer Gennady Golovkin. (Athlete, 01 Mar 2018)
She has received the title of Master of Sport of International Class in Kazakhstan. (el, 13 May 2022; Athlete, 01 Mar 2018)
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