INTANON Ratchanok

5 Feb 1995

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
BDM Badminton Women's Team 3 Bronze Medal


Start Time Location Event Status
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 4
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 2
Republic of Korea

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Asian Games
2Women's Team2010Guangzhou, CHN
3Women's Team2018Indonesia
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2018Indonesia
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2014Incheon, KOR
QuarterfinalWomen's Team2014Incheon, KOR
Olympic Games
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2020Tokyo, JPN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2012London, GBR
Last 16Women's Singles2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA
World Championships
1Women's Singles2013Guangzhou, CHN
3Women's Singles2019Basel, SUI
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2021Huelva, ESP
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2017Glasgow, GBR
Last 16Women's Singles2023Copenhagen, DEN
Last 16Women's Singles2022Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Women's Singles2018Nanjing, CHN
Last 16Women's Singles2015Jakarta, INA
Last 16Women's Singles2014Copenhagen, DEN
Last 16Women's Singles2011London, GBR
BWF World Tour
1Women's Singles2022Kuala Lumpur, MAS
1Women's Singles2020Jakarta, INA
1Women's Singles2019New Delhi, IND
1Women's Singles2019Kuala Lumpur, MAS
1Women's Singles2018Kuala Lumpur, MAS
1Women's Singles2017Auckland, NZL
1Women's Singles2017Bangkok, THA
1Women's Singles2016Bangkok, THA
2Women's Singles2023Calgary, AB, CAN
2Women's Singles2022Jakarta, INA
2Women's Singles2021Bali, INA
2Women's Singles2019Hong Kong, CHN
2Women's Singles2019Incheon, KOR
2Women's Singles2019Bangkok, THA
2Women's Singles2019Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
2Women's Singles2018Hong Kong, CHN
3Women's Singles2023Sydney, NSW, AUS
3Women's Singles2023Council Bluffs, IA, USA
3Women's Singles2023Jakarta, INA
3Women's Singles2022Odense, DEN
3Women's Singles2022Bangkok, THA
3Women's Singles2021Birmingham, GBR
3Women's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
3Women's Singles2019Sydney, NSW, AUS
3Women's Singles2018Kuala Lumpur, MAS
3Women's Singles2018New Delhi, IND
3Women's Singles2018Jakarta, INA
3Women's Singles2015Saarbrucken, GER
3Women's Singles2015Bangkok, THA
3Women's Singles2015Taipei, TPE
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2023Tokyo, JPN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2023Jakarta, INA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2022Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2022Osaka, JPN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2022Kuala Lumpur, MAS
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2022Suncheon, KOR
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2022Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2021Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2020Birmingham, GBR
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2019Fuzhou, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2019Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2019Changzhou, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2019Jakarta, INA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2019Singapore, SIN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2019Kuala Lumpur, MAS
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2019Jakarta, INA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2018Fuzhou, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2018Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2018Tokyo, JPN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2018Jakarta, INA
Last 16Women's Singles2023Singapore, SIN
Last 16Women's Singles2023New Delhi, IND
Last 16Women's Singles2022Jakarta, INA
Last 16Women's Singles2021Bali, INA
Last 16Women's Singles2021Saarbrucken, GER
Last 16Women's Singles2020Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 16Women's Singles2019Odense, DEN
Last 16Women's Singles2018Odense, DEN
Last 16Women's Singles2018Seoul, KOR
Last 16Women's Singles2016Basel, SUI
Last 32Women's Singles2023Bangkok, THA
Last 32Women's Singles2023Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Women's Singles2023Basel, SUI
Last 32Women's Singles2023Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Women's Singles2022Singapore, SIN
Last 32Women's Singles2021Odense, DEN
Last 32Women's Singles2019Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Women's Singles2019Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Women's Singles2018Changzhou, CHN
Last 32Women's Singles2018Birmingham, GBR
HSBC BWF World Tour Finals
3Women's Singles2018Guangzhou, CHN
3Women's Singles2017Dubai, UAE
3Women's Singles2015Dubai, UAE
1st RoundWomen's Singles2022Bangkok, THA
1st RoundWomen's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
1st RoundWomen's Singles2019Guangzhou, CHN
1st RoundWomen's Singles2016Dubai, UAE
MetLife BWF World Superseries
1Women's Singles2017Odense, DEN
1Women's Singles2016Singapore, SIN
1Women's Singles2016Shah Alam, MAS
1Women's Singles2016New Delhi, IND
1Women's Singles2015Jakarta, INA
2Women's Singles2017Birmingham, GBR
2Women's Singles2015New Delhi, IND
3Women's Singles2017Hong Kong, CHN
3Women's Singles2017Fuzhou, CHN
3Women's Singles2015Hong Kong, CHN
3Women's Singles2015Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2017Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2017Seoul, KOR
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2017Kuala Lumpur, MAS
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2017New Delhi, IND
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2016Tokyo, JPN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2016Sydney, NSW, AUS
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2016Birmingham, GBR
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2015Singapore, SIN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2015Birmingham, GBR
Last 16Women's Singles2017Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Women's Singles2017Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 16Women's Singles2016Seoul, KOR
Last 16Women's Singles2015Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Women's Singles2015Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Women's Singles2017Jakarta, INA
Last 32Women's Singles2017Singapore, SIN
Last 32Women's Singles2016Fuzhou, CHN
Last 32Women's Singles2016Jakarta, INA
Last 32Women's Singles2015Fuzhou, CHN
Last 32Women's Singles2015Seoul, KOR
Last 32Women's Singles2015Sydney, NSW, AUS
Asian Championships
1Women's Singles2015Wuhan, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2017Wuhan, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Singles2013Taipei, TPE
Last 16Women's Singles2018Wuhan, CHN
Last 16Women's Singles2016Wuhan, CHN
Last 16Women's Singles2014Gimcheon, KOR
South East Asian Games
1Women's Team2019Makati, PHI
1Women's Team2015Singapore, SIN
1Women's Team2011Indonesia
2Women's Singles2009Vientiane, LAO
3Women's Singles2011Indonesia
TotalEnergies BWF Thomas & Uber Cup
3Women's Team2022Bangkok, THA
3Women's Team2020Aarhus, DEN
TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup
3Mixed Team2019Nanning, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Team2023Suzhou, CHN
May, Nong May (, 18 Apr 2016;, 21 Aug 2013)
Photography. ( YouTube channel, 12 Dec 2018)
Athlete, Police Officer
Political Science - Bangkok Thonburi University, Thailand
English, Thai
Banthongyord Badminton School [Bangkok, THA]
Phattaphon Ngernsrisuk [club]
Right (, 29 Aug 2013)
2009 for Thailand (, 27 Apr 2009)
Injury forced her to retire during her semifinal match at the 2023 Australian Open in Sydney, NSW, Australia. (, 05 Aug 2023; BWF TV YouTube channel, 05 Aug 2023)

In 2023 she was hospitalised due to a sinus infection. (BWF Twitter profile, 21 Jun 2023)

She retired from the 2023 Swiss Open due to illness. (, 22 Mar 2023)

She missed the 2023 Malaysia Open due to a back injury. (, 10 Jan 2023; BadmintonBB Twitter profile, 09 Jan 2023)

In 2022 she was diagnosed with anaemia. (, 08 Dec 2022)

A month after competing at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, she sustained a right shoulder injury during training. (, 24 Nov 2021, 28 Oct 2021)

After competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, she was out of action for six months due to a knee injury. She returned to competition in March 2017 at the All England Open in Birmingham. (, 29 Mar 2017)

An ankle injury forced her to withdraw from her quarterfinal match at the 2015 All England Open in Birmingham. (, 07 Mar 2015)
She was introduced to the sport at age five. Her parents worked in a factory that produced desserts, and she would often spend time there. The factory owners were worried that she could be burned by boiling water and hot sugar so they restricted her to the company's badminton court. (, 15 Jan 2014;, 21 Aug 2013)
"In the first place, I really didn't like it. My parents said that I should give it a try. After a few years I started to love the game and I realised that I could make a living." (, 12 Aug 2013)
To win a medal at the Olympic Games. (BWF Facebook page, 17 Aug 2023)
Winning gold in singles at the 2013 World Championships in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. (, 08 Dec 2022)
Chinese badminton player Wang Yihan. (, 29 Aug 2013)
She wears a necklace containing the ashes of her mother, who died in 2021. "While I don't believe it always brings me luck, even if it's 0.01% - I will wear it for my mother." (, 11 Jun 2022)
"Make every day meaningful." (Facebook profile, 10 May 2020)
She was flag bearer for Thailand at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (, 12 Aug 2016)

In 2014 she was named Best Asian Sporting Icon by Fox Sports Asia. (, 17 Jun 2014)

She was named the 2013 Best Female Amateur Athlete by the Sports Writers Association of Thailand. (, 27 Mar 2014)

In 2010 she received the International Olympic Committee [IOC] Inspiring Young People Trophy. (, 29 Aug 2013)
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