NG Kiu Chung

6 Sep 1991

Events and Medals


Start Time Location Event Status
Huanglong Sports Centre Gymnasium

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Asian Games
4Men's Rings2018Indonesia14.550
19Men's Vault2010Guangzhou, CHN14.775
20Men's Individual All-Around2010Guangzhou, CHN75.650
25Men's Rings2014Incheon, KOR14.100
29Men's Rings2010Guangzhou, CHN13.500
50Men's Floor Exercise2014Incheon, KOR13.050
50Men's Parallel Bars2010Guangzhou, CHN12.450
54Men's Floor Exercise2010Guangzhou, CHN12.400
55Men's Horizontal Bar2010Guangzhou, CHN10.800
61Men's Pommel Horse2010Guangzhou, CHN10.100
World Championships
12Men's Rings2017Montreal, QC, CAN14.566
20Men's Rings2019Stuttgart, GER14.133
20Men's Rings2013Antwerp, BEL14.800
30Men's Vault2015Glasgow, GBR13.366
32Men's Vault2011Tokyo, JPN14.266
37Men's Vault2010Rotterdam, NED14.366
46Men's Team2014Nanning, CHN283.925
54Men's Vault2009London, GBR13.312
73Men's Individual All-Around2009London, GBR66.550
80Men's Rings2018Doha, QAT13.200
104Men's Rings2014Nanning, CHN14.000
107Men's Rings2009London, GBR12.075
112Men's Rings2011Tokyo, JPN13.625
118Men's Floor Exercise2009London, GBR12.450
118Men's Parallel Bars2009London, GBR11.200
125Men's Horizontal Bar2009London, GBR9.850
131Men's Pommel Horse2009London, GBR7.250
132Men's Floor Exercise2013Antwerp, BEL11.133
166Men's Individual All-Around2010Rotterdam, NED69.898
172Men's Rings2015Glasgow, GBR12.966
174Men's Individual All-Around2015Glasgow, GBR69.632
175Men's Rings2010Rotterdam, NED13.166
177Men's Floor Exercise2011Tokyo, JPN12.833
195Men's Parallel Bars2011Tokyo, JPN12.300
203Men's Individual All-Around2011Tokyo, JPN54.258
205Men's Pommel Horse2015Glasgow, GBR11.500
207Men's Individual All-Around2014Nanning, CHN57.933
209Men's Horizontal Bar2015Glasgow, GBR11.633
229Men's Parallel Bars2015Glasgow, GBR11.500
232Men's Floor Exercise2014Nanning, CHN12.233
234Men's Pommel Horse2010Rotterdam, NED10.433
236Men's Horizontal Bar2014Nanning, CHN11.000
237Men's Floor Exercise2015Glasgow, GBR8.933
238Men's Floor Exercise2010Rotterdam, NED11.566
241Men's Parallel Bars2014Nanning, CHN11.300
244Men's Horizontal Bar2010Rotterdam, NED10.000
245Men's Parallel Bars2010Rotterdam, NED10.300
251Men's Pommel Horse2014Nanning, CHN9.400
World Cup
4Men's Rings2019/2020Melbourne, VIC, AUS14.066
5Men's Rings2017/2018Melbourne, VIC, AUS13.566
8Men's Rings2019/2020Baku, AZE14.133
11Men's Rings2019/2020Cottbus, GER14.033
18Men's Rings2019/2020Baku, AZE13.300
19Men's Rings2019/2020Doha, QAT13.533
37Men's Parallel Bars2015Osijek, CRO11.600
38Men's Floor Exercise2015Osijek, CRO12.150
Asian Championships
2Men's Rings2017Bangkok, THA14.925
3Men's Rings2023Singapore, SIN14.100
3Men's Rings2012Putian, CHN15.200
8Men's Team2012Putian, CHN292.500
14Men's Vault2015Hiroshima, JPN13.175
23Men's Floor Exercise2015Hiroshima, JPN13.500
25Men's Pommel Horse2015Hiroshima, JPN10.850
27Men's Individual All-Around2015Hiroshima, JPN49.950
43Men's Individual All-Around2012Putian, CHN49.400
44Men's Parallel Bars2012Putian, CHN12.450
46Men's Parallel Bars2015Hiroshima, JPN12.300
50Men's Pommel Horse2012Putian, CHN7.300
65Men's Individual All-Around2017Bangkok, THA14.500
70Men's Individual All-Around2023Singapore, SIN14.233
East Asian Games
5Men's Rings2013Tianjin, CHN14.950
7Men's Vault2013Tianjin, CHN13.775
30Men's Individual All-Around2013Tianjin, CHN26.300
Prince of Rings (Facebook page, 18 Sep 2019)
Watching movies, art, sport. (Facebook page, 18 Sep 2019)
Athlete, Coach
Sport and Recreation Studies - Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, CHN
Wife Danissa, one daughter [2022]
Cantonese, English
Hong Kong Sports Institute [HKSI] [Hong Kong, CHN]
Xiong Songliang
2009 for Hong Kong, CHN, World Championships in London, Great Britain (sportcentric, 23 Mar 2010)
He sustained a knee injury during a competition in March 2019. He required surgery and it was about six months before he returned to competition. (hksi, 30 Jun 2020)

He injured a cervical disc while preparing for the 2018 Asian Games. (hk, 06 Aug 2018)

He had surgery on his right knee in April 2016, and returned to action in January 2017. (youtube, 19 Jan 2017)

He had surgery on his left shoulder because of cartilage fatigue after the 2014 Asian Games. (hongkongsport, 11 May 2015)

In 2008 he injured the cruciate ligament in his right knee during training. (hongkongsport, 11 May 2015)
He got involved in gymnastics at age four. (sportsroad, 11 May 2015)
His mother encouraged him to take up the sport. (hongkongsport, 11 May 2015 )
To compete at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China. (news, 23 Aug 2023)
Chinese gymnast Chen Yibing. (paper, 05 Jun 2010)
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