TSE Ying Suet

9 Nov 1991

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
BDM Badminton Mixed Doubles  
Women's Team  


Start Time Location Event Status
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 1
Hong Kong, China
Chinese Taipei
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 4
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 1
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 2

Biographical Information


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Asian Games
2Mixed Doubles2018Indonesia
Last 16Women's Team2018Indonesia
Last 16Mixed Doubles2014Incheon, KOR
Last 16Women's Team2014Incheon, KOR
Last 16Mixed Doubles2010Guangzhou, CHN
Last 32Women's Doubles2014Incheon, KOR
Last 32Women's Doubles2010Guangzhou, CHN
Olympic Games
4Mixed Doubles2020Tokyo, JPN
Group StageWomen's Doubles2012London, GBR
Group StageWomen's Doubles2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA
World Championships
3Mixed Doubles2021Huelva, ESP
3Mixed Doubles2018Nanjing, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2022Tokyo, JPN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2019Basel, SUI
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2017Glasgow, GBR
Last 16Women's Doubles2013Guangzhou, CHN
Last 16Women's Doubles2011London, GBR
Last 32Mixed Doubles2023Copenhagen, DEN
Last 32Women's Doubles2017Glasgow, GBR
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Jakarta, INA
Last 32Mixed Doubles2010Paris, FRA
Last 32Women's Doubles2009Hyderabad, IND
Last 64Mixed Doubles2014Copenhagen, DEN
Last 64Mixed Doubles2013Guangzhou, CHN
BWF World Tour
1Mixed Doubles2019Gwangju, KOR
1Mixed Doubles2019Taipei, TPE
1Mixed Doubles2018Macau, CHN
1Mixed Doubles2018Kuala Lumpur, MAS
1Mixed Doubles2016Taipei, TPE
2Mixed Doubles2021Bali, INA
2Women's Doubles2017Sibu, MAS
2Mixed Doubles2016Macau, CHN
2Mixed Doubles2016Bangkok, THA
2Women's Doubles2015Macau, CHN
2Women's Doubles2015Saarbrucken, GER
3Mixed Doubles2023Jakarta, INA
3Mixed Doubles2021Paris, FRA
3Mixed Doubles2019Bangkok, THA
3Mixed Doubles2019Sydney, NSW, AUS
3Mixed Doubles2018Changzhou, CHN
3Women's Doubles2015Calgary, AB, CAN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2023Sydney, NSW, AUS
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2023Bangkok, THA
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2022Osaka, JPN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2022Singapore, SIN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2022Kuala Lumpur, MAS
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2022Jakarta, INA
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2021Bali, INA
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2021Odense, DEN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2020Birmingham, GBR
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2019Lucknow, IND
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2019Hong Kong, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2019Macau, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2019Odense, DEN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2018Kuala Lumpur, MAS
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2018Jakarta, INA
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2017Macau, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2017Sibu, MAS
QuarterfinalWomen's Doubles2016Taipei, TPE
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2015Macau, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2015Bangkok, THA
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2015Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2015Kuching, MAS
Last 16Mixed Doubles2023Changzhou, CHN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2023Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2023Yeosu, KOR
Last 16Mixed Doubles2023Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
Last 16Mixed Doubles2023New Delhi, IND
Last 16Mixed Doubles2023Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 16Mixed Doubles2020Bangkok, THA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2020Bangkok, THA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2020Bangkok, THA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2020Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 16Mixed Doubles2019Jakarta, INA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2019Singapore, SIN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2018Hong Kong, CHN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2018Paris, FRA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2018Odense, DEN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2018Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2018Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
Last 16Women's Doubles2016Macau, CHN
Last 16Women's Doubles2016Bangkok, THA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2016Bangkok, THA
Last 16Women's Doubles2016George Town, MAS
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Bangkok, THA
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Taipei, TPE
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015Calgary, AB, CAN
Last 16Women's Doubles2015New York, NY, USA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015New York, NY, USA
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Kuching, MAS
Last 32Mixed Doubles2023Singapore, SIN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2023Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Mixed Doubles2023Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Mixed Doubles2023Jakarta, INA
Last 32Mixed Doubles2022Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Mixed Doubles2021Saarbrucken, GER
Last 32Mixed Doubles2020Jakarta, INA
Last 32Mixed Doubles2019Paris, FRA
Last 32Mixed Doubles2019Incheon, KOR
Last 32Mixed Doubles2019Changzhou, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2019Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2019Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Mixed Doubles2018Fuzhou, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2018Jakarta, INA
Last 32Mixed Doubles2018Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Women's Doubles2017Macau, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2016Taipei, TPE
Last 32Mixed Doubles2016George Town, MAS
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Taipei, TPE
HSBC BWF World Tour Finals
2Mixed Doubles2017Dubai, UAE
3Mixed Doubles2021Bali, INA
MetLife BWF World Superseries
1Mixed Doubles2017Odense, DEN
3Mixed Doubles2017Fuzhou, CHN
3Mixed Doubles2016Hong Kong, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2017Hong Kong, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Doubles2015Odense, DEN
QuarterfinalWomen's Doubles2015New Delhi, IND
Last 16Women's Doubles2017Hong Kong, CHN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2017Paris, FRA
Last 16Women's Doubles2017Paris, FRA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2017Seoul, KOR
Last 16Mixed Doubles2017Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 16Women's Doubles2017Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 16Mixed Doubles2017Jakarta, INA
Last 16Women's Doubles2017Jakarta, INA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2017Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015Fuzhou, CHN
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Fuzhou, CHN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015Seoul, KOR
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015Jakarta, INA
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015Singapore, SIN
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015New Delhi, IND
Last 16Mixed Doubles2015Birmingham, GBR
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Women's Doubles2017Odense, DEN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2017Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Women's Doubles2017Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Women's Doubles2017Seoul, KOR
Last 32Women's Doubles2017Singapore, SIN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2017Singapore, SIN
Last 32Women's Doubles2017Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Women's Doubles2016Hong Kong, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2016Jakarta, INA
Last 32Mixed Doubles2016Singapore, SIN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2016Shah Alam, MAS
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Hong Kong, CHN
Last 32Women's Doubles2015Hong Kong, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Paris, FRA
Last 32Women's Doubles2015Paris, FRA
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Odense, DEN
Last 32Women's Doubles2015Seoul, KOR
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Women's Doubles2015Jakarta, INA
Last 32Women's Doubles2015Singapore, SIN
Last 32Women's Doubles2015Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Asian Championships
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2018Wuhan, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Doubles2014Gimcheon, KOR
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2014Gimcheon, KOR
QuarterfinalWomen's Doubles2013Taipei, TPE
Last 16Mixed Doubles2017Wuhan, CHN
Last 16Women's Doubles2017Wuhan, CHN
Last 16Women's Doubles2015Wuhan, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2023Dubai, UAE
Last 32Mixed Doubles2022Manila, PHI
Last 32Mixed Doubles2019Wuhan, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2016Wuhan, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2015Wuhan, CHN
Last 32Mixed Doubles2013Taipei, TPE
East Asian Games
3Women's Team2013Tianjin, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2013Tianjin, CHN
QuarterfinalWomen's Doubles2013Tianjin, CHN
TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup
Group 1Mixed Team2019Nanning, CHN
Spending time with her dogs, cooking. (madamefigaro, 29 Jul 2021)
Cantonese, Mandarin
Hong Kong Sports Institute [HKSI] [Hong Kong, CHN]
He Yiming, HKG; Flandy Limpele, INA
Left (bwfbadminton, 01 Jan 2011)
2005 for Hong Kong, CHN (Athlete, 22 Nov 2010)
She suffered a dislocated shoulder in October 2022. The injury meant that she and her mixed doubles partner Tang Chun Man missed the 2022 Denmark Open and the 2022 French Open. (scmp, 17 Oct 2022)

She was dealing with a left knee injury in 2021 and 2022. She received fluid injections in the knee before she competed at the 2020 Olympic Games and the 2022 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. (scmp, 14 Aug 2022)

She dislocated her left shoulder in November 2018. She underwent physiotherapy and was sidelined for several months before returning in March 2019 at that year's Asia Mixed Team Championships in Hong Kong, China. (bwfworldtour, 11 Apr 2019; singpao, 01 Mar 2019)
She began playing badminton at age 10 in Hong Kong, China. (Athlete, 22 Nov 2010)
Her mother encouraged her to try the sport. (badmintoncn, 05 Jun 2016)
To win a medal at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, People's Republic of China, and to compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (hk, 06 Feb 2022)
She and fencer Cheung Ka Long were flag bearers for Hong Kong, China at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (stillmed, 23 Jul 2021; alamy, 23 Jul 2021)

She and her playing partner Tang Chun Man won the Team Event award at the Cathay Pacific 2019 Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards. (sportsroad, 10 Apr 2021)
Gold Medal Event
Silver Medal Event
Bronze Medal Event