NG Ka Long Angus

24 Jun 1994

Events and Medals

Discipline Event Rank Medal
BDM Badminton Men's Singles  
Men's Team  


Start Time Location Event Status
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 4
Hong Kong, China
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 4
Hong Kong, China
Binjiang Gymnasium BDM Court 1
NG KLANG Ka Long Angus

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Asian Games
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2018Indonesia
QuarterfinalMen's Team2018Indonesia
QuarterfinalMen's Team2014Incheon, KOR
Olympic Games
Last 16Men's Singles2016Rio de Janeiro, BRA
Group StageMen's Singles2020Tokyo, JPN
World Championships
Last 16Men's Singles2023Copenhagen, DEN
Last 16Men's Singles2022Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Men's Singles2019Basel, SUI
Last 16Men's Singles2018Nanjing, CHN
Last 16Men's Singles2017Glasgow, GBR
Last 16Men's Doubles2013Guangzhou, CHN
Last 64Men's Singles2021Huelva, ESP
BWF World Tour
1Men's Singles2023Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
1Men's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
1Men's Singles2017Sibu, MAS
1Men's Singles2015Saarbrucken, GER
2Men's Singles2023Bangkok, THA
2Men's Singles2022Kuala Lumpur, MAS
2Men's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
2Men's Singles2019Bangkok, THA
2Men's Singles2019Auckland, NZL
2Men's Singles2018Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
2Men's Singles2015Calgary, AB, CAN
3Men's Singles2023Taipei, TPE
3Men's Singles2023Jakarta, INA
3Men's Singles2020Kuala Lumpur, MAS
3Men's Singles2019Birmingham, GBR
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2023Kuala Lumpur, MAS
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2022Jakarta, INA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2021Bali, INA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2021Saarbrucken, GER
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2019Fuzhou, CHN
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2019Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2019Changzhou, CHN
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2019Jakarta, INA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2018Macau, CHN
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2018Changzhou, CHN
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2018Kuala Lumpur, MAS
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2017Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2016Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2016Bangkok, THA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2016George Town, MAS
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2015Bangkok, THA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2015New York, NY, USA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2015Auckland, NZL
Last 16Men's Singles2023Yeosu, KOR
Last 16Men's Singles2023Calgary, AB, CAN
Last 16Men's Singles2023Jakarta, INA
Last 16Men's Singles2023Bangkok, THA
Last 16Men's Singles2022Saarbrucken, GER
Last 16Men's Singles2022Paris, FRA
Last 16Men's Singles2022Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 16Men's Singles2022Jakarta, INA
Last 16Men's Singles2022Birmingham, GBR
Last 16Men's Singles2021Paris, FRA
Last 16Men's Singles2021Odense, DEN
Last 16Men's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
Last 16Men's Singles2020Jakarta, INA
Last 16Men's Singles2019Gwangju, KOR
Last 16Men's Singles2019Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Men's Singles2019Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
Last 16Men's Singles2018Paris, FRA
Last 16Men's Singles2018Odense, DEN
Last 16Men's Singles2018Singapore, SIN
Last 16Men's Singles2018Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 16Men's Singles2018Birmingham, GBR
Last 16Men's Singles2016Taipei, TPE
Last 16Men's Singles2015Macau, CHN
Last 16Men's Singles2015Basel, SUI
Last 32Men's Singles2022Osaka, JPN
Last 32Men's Singles2023Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 32Men's Singles2023Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Men's Singles2023Singapore, SIN
Last 32Men's Singles2023Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Men's Singles2023New Delhi, IND
Last 32Men's Singles2023Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Men's Singles2022Odense, DEN
Last 32Men's Singles2022Singapore, SIN
Last 32Men's Singles2022Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
Last 32Men's Singles2021Bali, INA
Last 32Men's Singles2020Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Men's Singles2019Hong Kong, CHN
Last 32Men's Singles2019Odense, DEN
Last 32Men's Singles2019Incheon, KOR
Last 32Men's Singles2019Taipei, TPE
Last 32Men's Singles2019Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 32Men's Singles2019Jakarta, INA
Last 32Men's Singles2019Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 32Men's Singles2018Hong Kong, CHN
Last 32Men's Singles2018Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Men's Singles2018Jakarta, INA
Last 32Men's Singles2018Jakarta, INA
Last 32Men's Singles2016Macau, CHN
Last 32Men's Singles2015Mulheim an der Ruhr, GER
Last 64Men's Singles2015Taipei, TPE
Last 64Men's Singles2015Kuching, MAS
HSBC BWF World Tour Finals
1st RoundMen's Singles2017Dubai, UAE
1st RoundMen's Singles2020Bangkok, THA
1st RoundMen's Singles2016Dubai, UAE
MetLife BWF World Superseries
1Men's Singles2016Hong Kong, CHN
3Men's Singles2017Fuzhou, CHN
3Men's Singles2017New Delhi, IND
3Men's Singles2016Paris, FRA
3Men's Singles2016Singapore, SIN
3Men's Singles2015Hong Kong, CHN
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2017Paris, FRA
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2015Paris, FRA
Last 16Men's Singles2017Hong Kong, CHN
Last 16Men's Singles2017Seoul, KOR
Last 16Men's Singles2017Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 16Men's Singles2017Jakarta, INA
Last 16Men's Singles2017Singapore, SIN
Last 16Men's Singles2017Kuala Lumpur, MAS
Last 16Men's Singles2017Birmingham, GBR
Last 16Men's Singles2016Odense, DEN
Last 16Men's Singles2016Tokyo, JPN
Last 16Men's Singles2016Jakarta, INA
Last 16Men's Singles2016New Delhi, IND
Last 16Men's Singles2016Birmingham, GBR
Last 32Men's Singles2017Odense, DEN
Last 32Men's Singles2017Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Men's Singles2016Fuzhou, CHN
Last 32Men's Singles2016Seoul, KOR
Last 32Men's Singles2016Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 32Men's Singles2016Shah Alam, MAS
Last 32Men's Singles2015Fuzhou, CHN
Last 32Men's Singles2015Odense, DEN
Last 32Men's Singles2015Seoul, KOR
Last 32Men's Singles2015Tokyo, JPN
Last 32Men's Singles2015Sydney, NSW, AUS
Last 32Men's Singles2015Singapore, SIN
Last 32Men's Singles2015Birmingham, GBR
Asian Championships
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2018Wuhan, CHN
QuarterfinalMen's Singles2017Wuhan, CHN
Last 16Men's Singles2023Dubai, UAE
Last 16Men's Singles2019Wuhan, CHN
Last 16Men's Singles2016Wuhan, CHN
Last 32Men's Doubles2013Taipei, TPE
Last 64Men's Singles2013Taipei, TPE
East Asian Games
2Men's Team2013Tianjin, CHN
3Men's Doubles2013Tianjin, CHN
QuarterfinalMixed Doubles2013Tianjin, CHN
TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup
Group 1Mixed Team2019Nanning, CHN
Angus (Facebook profile, 21 May 2019)
Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Hong Kong Sports Institute [HKSI] [Hong Kong, CHN]
Wong Choong Hann, MAS
Right (bwfbadminton, 01 Jan 2011 )
2009 for Hong Kong, CHN (bwfworldsuperseries, 06 May 2016)
A thigh injury forced him to retire from his third round singles match at the 2022 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. (scmp, 30 Aug 2022)

He had to withdraw from the 2022 Swiss Open in Basel after he tested positive for COVID-19. (orangenews, 23 Mar 2022; news, 23 Mar 2022)

He sustained a knee injury during the 2019 Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships in Hong Kong, China. The injury meant he had to withdraw from the 2019 India Open in New Delhi and the 2019 Malaysia Open in Kuala Lumpur. (kknews, 25 Mar 2019)
He began playing badminton at age seven. (bwfworldsuperseries, 06 May 2016)
He was introduced to the sport by his father. (bwfbadminton, 12 Apr 2016)
To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (hk, 28 Jul 2021)
Chinese badminton player Bao Chunlai. (hk, 27 Nov 2016)
In 2009 and 2012 he received a Hong Kong Junior Sports Star Award from the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China. (2014ag, 01 Jan 2015; hkolympic, 19 Nov 2013)
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