OCA conducts first IT Audit for 18th Asian Games 2018 06/09/2016

Jakarta, Indonesia, September 5, 2016: The first OCA IT Audit for the 18th Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang 2018 was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from August 28-29. The auditors, Mr. Manuel Gonzalez and Mr. Alfonso Sanchez, met representatives from organising committee INASGOC to analyse the progression of the IT and Telecommunications project for the 18th Asian Games.

The main areas under review were the organisation charts of INASGOC and IT&T Department, the selection of main providers, the current facilities in both cities, the master plan, the project management procedures, the testing plan, the procedures for a good collection of requirements, the OCA projects and the importance of the IT kick-off session.

The OCA IT guidelines were reviewed and discussed with the commitment from INASGOC to fulfill them. An action plan was agreed to guarantee the celebration of the IT kick-off session in November 2016 with the participation of the main providers and the key end-users from INASGOC.